The 10 Best Air Hockey Tables – Reviews by ERBHL

Air hockey tables are a great way to keep your team busy and engaged at home for several hours. It’s an excellent game for players of all ages and athletic abilities due to the straightforward rules and accessible action.

And you know what? An air hockey table has become a frequent attribute of plenty of offices. Heads of businesses find it an excellent means of relaxation for their employees on a busy day. We have seen air hockey tables placed in the premises of such companies as:

We have found a wonderful selection of air hockey tables that are likely to include a few that will be ideal for you and your team. Air hockey tables are available in a range of sizes, pricing, and accessories.

What Is an Air Hockey Table & How Does It Work?

A platform for one of the most well-liked and enduring arcade games in recent years is an air hockey table.

blue table for aero hockey

A group of game designers from a US manufacturer of pool tables came up with the concept and filed for a patent on it in the late 1960s and early 1970s. They sought to develop a game based on the well-liked game of ice hockey that would be quicker and more entertaining than the pool.

A goal was located at each end of the roomy, flat playfield, which was designated with ice hockey pitch markings. How does an air hockey table work? The tables initially only had sliding pucks, but quickly the playfield began to be punctured with tens of thousands of small holes. Electric pumps were used to generate a strong air current through these holes, which created an air cushion on which the puck would float, just like the puck does on the ice during an ice hockey game.

The vertical, metal pitch edge causes the puck to rebound into the field upon hit, giving rise to two distinctive characteristics of the game: the greatest players’ frantic, zigzagging rebounding techniques and the distinctive “ping” sound that the impact produces. Pushers, commonly referred to as mallets or pads, are used by players to attack and protect their opponents. The player who scores the most goals in the allotted time or hits the predetermined goal limit wins.

The only aspects of the tables that have changed over time are their appearance and technological capabilities. This fundamental design has been maintained into the present. It is now a recognized sport in the USA, where the United States Air-Table Hockey Association (USAA) conducts yearly official competitions. Although it isn’t recognized as a sport outside of the United States, commercial air hockey tables are a staple of amusement arcades, bars, and events all throughout the country. Home air hockey tables are also becoming a more and more popular addition to the family game room.

USAA Hockey

What to Consider

It takes a lot of time and consideration to make a large investment like an air hockey table Canada players adore. It will eat up a sizable portion of your budget in addition to taking up a lot of space in your house. Remember the following, and you’ll succeed.


Discovering how big is an air hockey table you will find that there are 84-inch normal tournament tables, smaller tables, and even tabletop variations. Keep the layout in consideration as well: While some are made to fit in with your décor, others have lots of loud graphics.

sizes of aero hockey table


Some of our tables offer more than just an area to play air hockey.

versatile air hockey table


Will you desire a scorekeeper and a light-up game? While some tables feature a variety of game-day accessories, others are fairly simple.


Are you a serious competitor or are you seeking a table where you and your kids may occasionally play? The tables we’ve chosen below range widely in price and quality, so consider how frequently the table will be used as well as the players’ expectations.

mirror glasses air hockey table


The airflow is yet another crucial element of an NHL air hockey table. To ensure the pucks can glide and the game is fair for both teams, you want something that offers a strong and constant airflow across the entire surface. Seek out versions with an excellent airflow system or a 100-volt fan motor.

The motor that drives an air hockey table should be high output, UL-approved motor that will deliver smooth, reliable airflow while operating silently. Finding a steady airflow is essential for playing comfortably and jogging silently is an added benefit.


Although larger models with plenty of additions and features can cost well over $1,000, smaller air hockey tables and tabletop units can be bought for under $100. You should prepare to spend $800 or more if you want something that complies with legal sizing requirements. Determine your level of investment based on your financial situation, your preferences, and how much you anticipate using it.

Frequently, different prices correspond to various materials. The table’s actual construction—whether it is made of MDF or a plastic composite—will make the biggest difference in price that buyers will notice.

There are several properties associated with various materials. If you have players who play more forcefully, the composite will last considerably longer and be better able to absorb a hit.

Pucks are always included in the price and have no bearing on it, however, not all pucks are created equal. There will be pushers and pucks on each table. Some have hand designs that are more ergonomic, while others have the standard single post. In either case, they are all a part of the purchase and have no bearing on the final cost to the buyer.

Top 10 Air Hockey Tables Selected

When choosing our air hockey tables, we took a variety of ages, skill levels, and price ranges into consideration. Additionally, we looked for premium goods that would meet various architectural and design requirements. Before reaching our final decisions, we conducted our own reviews of hundreds of goods, conferred with experts, and read through tens of thousands of customer reviews. Want to know what is the best air hockey table? Read and enjoy!

Atomic 7.5-Foot Led Light Up Arcade Table

Category: Best Overall

Price: $999 AT AMAZON

atomic led light up arcade table

Teenagers and older will find this 7.5-foot-long air hockey table to be the ideal size. The fully illuminated table is expensive, but it provides a top-notch experience and will become the focal point of any game area. Two rechargeable LED light-up pushers and a hockey puck for use in the dark are also included in the set. Fast gameplay is provided by the motorized fan.

Reviewers praised its “excellent quality” and “sturdiness,” but they also advised that installation may be challenging due to the product’s weight (around 400 pounds).

Triumph Fire ‘N Ice Led Light Up Table

Category: Best for kids

Price: $184 AT AMAZON

fire and ice aero hockey table

For those with a smaller room who want an arcade-like experience, this 54-inch table hockey air is a terrific choice and is reasonably priced. Kids between the ages of 5 and 14 will love it, too. A blower, LED corner lights, a scorekeeper, two strikers, and a puck are included with this air hockey table. It is also less stable than heavier options due to its modest weight (39.6 pounds), which also makes the setup simple.

Although some critics bemoan the “under-powered” fan, reviewers generally agree that it is “quite durable” and big enough “for adults to play comfortably.”

Sport Squad 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Table

Category: Best budget tabletop

Price: $66 AT AMAZON

sport squad 40-inch table

If you don’t have room to dedicate to an air hockey table, this 40-inch air hockey table will be a victory for your wallet and your game day. A powerful fan that generates an arcade-style game is still included in this tabletop version, along with silent, consistent airflow and a smooth, frictionless surface.

Bonus: The play zone comes with two air hockey strikers and pucks, and assembling the 14-pound table is a breeze.

Reviewers adore this kids’ table and limited space solution and call it a “wonderful present.” Because users must always unplug it after playing, some people complain that the lack of an on/off switch is a “pain”.

ESPN Sports Air Hockey + Table Tennis

Category: Best 2-game system

Price: $519 AT AMAZON

ESPN Sports Air Hockey and Table Tennis

This six-foot-long, 115-pound table is a versatile alternative for home gaming centres as well as for schools and pubs since it can be swiftly transformed from an electric air hockey game to a table tennis game. Strong fans, a fluid playing system, an LED score system, sound effects, and push button controls are all included in the air hockey version.

The built-in hockey table, 4-inch levellers, tennis top with net, two pushers, three pucks, two balls, two posts, and two paddles are all included in the conversion package.

It’s “excellent for the money,” “sturdy,” and “simple to assemble,” according to reviews.

American Legend Kirkwood Air Hockey Table

Category: Best rustic design

Price: $750 AT AMAZON

American Legend Kirkwood Air Hockey Table

This rustic-chic table is a perfect choice if you don’t want your air hockey table to interfere with the aesthetic harmony of your house. The 200-pound, 84-inch-long table has interesting k-shaped legs, a rustic wood finish, and the necessary air hockey game for an arcade.

The table includes a robust blower motor, an electronic scoring feature, in-game sound effects, and more. This allows for quick gameplay.

The table was “primarily chosen for its appearance,” reviewers admit, but it is also “simple to assemble,” “very robust,” and it makes for a “wonderful game.”

Atomic Northport 3-In-1 Hockey Table

Category: Best 3-in-1

Price: $2,115 AT AMAZON

Atomic Northport 3-In-1 Hockey Table

This 87.4-inch-long, 462-pound table functions as air hockey, ping-pong, and dining room table all in one convenient unit. The table comes with two upholstered storage seats that slide under the table when the game is being played. It is built of wood, has a polycarbonate playing surface, and is available with or without storage.

Reviewers gush about how wonderful it is for game zones, family rooms, and sunrooms, and how happy they are to see their kids and grandkids prefer it to their Xbox.

Hall of Games 84-Inch Air Hockey Game

Category: Best modern design

Price: $1,180 AT AMAZON

Hall of Games 84-Inch Air Hockey Game

This 84-inch-long, 285-pound air hockey table looks just as nice as it performs. A strong blower on the Hall of Games air hockey table ensures quick, fluid play on a laminated surface.

The table is built on strong fine-grained wood legs with metal crossbars for added stability. It has arcade sound effects and an LED scorekeeper embedded around the edge of the table. There are four pushers and four pucks included with the table.

Reviewers praise its “well-constructed” and “extremely strong” construction but point out that it is hefty and needs some time to set up.

Gold Standard Games Pro Elite Air Hockey

Category: Pro-level

Price: $2,699 AT AMAZON

Gold Standard Games Pro Elite Air Hockey

The 450-pound, 84-inch-long table was created with competitive players in mind, with help from air pro Mark Robbins. Danny Hynes, a 10-time USAA World Champion, and Tim Weissman have both endorsed it.

The expensive table has low-profile aluminum rails that give improved bounce, a centerline, and a face-off circle for truly competitive play.

While the table itself is very plain-looking compared to others, the scoreboard nonetheless features LEDs and sounds and is unobtrusive, according to reviews. Others laud the quick, fantastic air movement and amazing, great quality.

Hathaway Face-off 5-Foot Air Hockey Game

Category: Best lightweight

Price: $335 AT AMAZON

Hathaway Face-off 5-Foot Air Hockey Game

Teams who don’t want to commit to keeping a table up all the time would benefit greatly from this 60-inch, 31-pound air hockey table. Kids and teenagers will adore shooting the pucks around the fast-moving surface and vivid graphics, while adults will enjoy the electronic scoring and compact design.

Two strikes and two pucks are included with the table. The manufacturer offers a 180-day guarantee on the table.

The “fun” table has “simple assembly” instructions, a durable nature despite its light design, and positive customer reviews.

Valley-Dynamo Pro Commercial Grade Air Hockey

Category: Best splurge

Price: $4,895 AT AMAZON

valley dynamo pro commercial grade air hockey

This high-quality, 380-pound table air hockey has been put through rigorous testing to ensure precision and dependability under pressure from opponents. A revolutionary industrial-grade Dyna-Blast blower system is included with the table. Many critics lauded the table’s appearance, which fits its four-figure price thanks to its solid wood construction and cabinet-quality components. The price is the biggest drawback, but if you want to use the air hockey table for a long time, it will pay for itself.

Why Is Hockey So Popular in Canada?

Ice hockey is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked sports in Canada. Ice hockey is a popular sport in Canada, and fans enjoy watching games with their friends and loved ones. Ice hockey as well as air hockey is well-liked all across the world, but in Europe, the passion just isn’t there. Why is this?

We’ll examine a few of the factors that continue to make ice hockey so well-liked in Canada down below.

The National Sport

Since hockey is Canada’s national sport, its popularity among its citizens will never wane. Since 1862, when ice hockey was first played in Canada, many people have grown up either playing or watching the sport with their friends. Since the storied Stanley Cup was introduced in 1893, this nation has consistently dominated the sport of ice hockey. It is evident that hockey is the only sport in Canada that has a chance.

Opportunities for Fans

Ice hockey is a popular sport among Canadians, and they also enjoy cheering on their favourite teams with fervour. While for some people the thrill of seeing their side win is frequently sufficient, others have discovered ways to maximize their delight owing to betting odds and playing air hockey.

The Ice Hockey Community

There is a sizable fan base in Canada, which is another factor in the sport’s popularity. Canada has the best hockey atmosphere in the world, and many fans strive to attend every game by purchasing season tickets. The biggest teams do have some fierce rivalries, but the community can also be very encouraging when it’s needed. Family traditions are a common reason why people start rooting for a particular team, and they may unite people.

Anyone Can Play

Finally, because almost anyone can play, ice hockey is still quite popular today. There are several ice rinks and open spaces throughout Canada where people can hone their skating or shooting techniques. As a result, a lot of people learn to play ice hockey in school or with their friends during their free time. Ice hockey is a sport that parents love to teach their children, which has contributed to its long-lasting appeal.

Hockey has been so popular since it was invented in Canada in 1862 for a variety of reasons, as you can see. This sport has a vibrant community, and there are many ways for fans to get involved and support their preferred teams while earning some money. If you’re not a fan of hockey, it might be time to reconsider.


What is the best size for an air hockey table?

The length of table air hockey varies based on their intended purpose. To accommodate larger children and even adults, air hockey tables typically measure around six feet in length. A huge option between seven and eight feet long is appropriate for a home with only adults. The smallest portable and kids’ air hockey tables are only four feet long. Your family’s age, education, and ability levels all play a role.

What makes a good-quality air hockey table?

Before making a purchase, consider a number of qualities. The side rails are one. Avoid tables with side rails made of thin, laminated aluminum. Look for thick nylon or solid aluminum rink walls for a durable rebound. It’s also critical to consider the table’s support structure. If you want an air hockey table that will last, look for one with strong legs and a base. The greatest legs are made of steel or wood laminate. Push the table to test its stability. Despite the amount of use it receives, this will ensure that your air hockey table lasts for a very long time.

What is the best commercial-grade air hockey table?

Once more, this will differ based on your needs and your financial situation. Your family’s air hockey table is a terrific choice as long as it can fit their ages and ability levels. A table that fits your lifestyle is what you want. Spend a little more money on a better choice that will last for many years. Consider choosing something more compact and portable for young children when travelling.